VacQpack – Bio treatment

VacQpack – Bio treatment

VacQpack is a technology that allows the organic treatment and preservation of dry commodities packaged in big bags or palletized bags.

The treatment consists of a combination of vacuum, temperature and modified atmosphere.

Brief description:

  1. Bulk packaging for loss prevention, quality preservation, and curative organic treatments.
  2. Bio treatment known as the “three weapon system” which combines:

– Low pressure – absolute vacuum pressure of 500mBar

– Low oxygen and inert gases (CO2 or N2) levels

– Temperature of 24° at a minimum

  1. Prevents costly and very common losses related to storage and transportation: oxidation, infestation, moisture, mould and toxins, colour and flavour losses, hygroscopy, condensation, etc.

The VacQpack system is ideal for the preservation of highly-valued commodities such as coffee beans, cocoa beans, peanuts, cereals, nuts, legumes, and all kind of seeds.

Our solution at Latin America aims to not only substitute the inefficiency of common, regular packaging but also aims to solve issues such insect infestation, condensation and oxidation, amongst others.