Disinfection against COVID-19

Disinfection against COVID-19 in personnel common areas

Ecotec offers preventative and palliative disinfection services for suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the workplace common areas. Thermal foggers, ultra-low volume equipment, or manual backpack sprayers may be used to apply Quaternary ammonium-based disinfectants, 70% alcohol-based disinfectants and sodium hypochlorite-based disinfectants. All treatments are complemented with good hygiene practices to prevent re-infection at the facilities.

Areas and surfaces of application

Treatment at low potential risk areas: Includes offices, company premises, households, and businesses with no public attendance, where no active cases have been confirmed.

Treatment at high potential risk areas: Includes mass gathering places such as hotels, airports, public transport stations, buses, subways, trains, health facilities, and also low potential risk spaces where active cases have been confirmed.