• Fumigation of commodities in silos, warehouses, tarpaulins, etc. through pure phosphine injection with the HDS® system

The Horn Diluphos System (HDS) is a novel fumigation system for the treatment of grains, subproducts, and foodstuffs stored in silos, warehouses, ship holds, sea containers, tarpaulins, silo-bags, etc. in order to combat both primary and secondary pests.

The procedure consists of injecting pure phosphine gas directly inside the facility in an effort to replace the internal atmosphere with the noxious gas, achieving a quicker penetration and even distribution throughout the commodity treated.

The HDS® is a completely safe technology, as the dilution and dosing of phosphine gas is automated, which minimizes handling and application errors.

The main advantages of fumigation using this system are:

  • Does not leave any residues on the commodities or spaces treated.
  • Does not modify the organoleptic characteristics of the commodities treated (colour, taste, smell)
  • Does not alter the germinating power of seeds.
  • Reduces the time needed to distribute the gas and has a great penetration power on the commodities.
  • Reduces the required treatment period.
  • Provides quick control and lethality of all types of storage pests.
  • Reduces aeration times and thus allows gas clearances in shorter periods.
  • Does not need human ingress to the facilities treated.
  • Prevents fire hazards, as the lower flammability limits of phosphine will never be reached.
  • Reaches the necessary gas concentrations for successful fumigations very rapidly.