Quality Policy Argentina


The guiding principle at Ecotec Interoceánica S.A. is to be a socially responsible company, for both our partners and our surroundings. Thus, in the consecution of our services, the senior management commits to:


  • To fulfill and satisfy in a responsible manner the requirements and expectations of our clients, current legislation and any other requirements that may apply.
  • To conduct our activity without compromising the safety, health, and environment; preventing and/or minimizing environmental impact, eliminating and/or reducing potential hazards; by way of continuous training and raising awareness of our personnel and all those working with our company.
  • To promote a dignifying work environment, encouraging questions and the involvement of our personnel, and mutual respect culture among our staff and our clients, providers, society, environment and all interested parties.
  • To continuously improve our services and the efficacy of our integral system, through a management that allows for the assessment of its evolution and performance, by delimiting clear objectives and goals, and adding value to the services provided through external acknowledgment.
  • To provide and communicate publically our quality philosophy, safe and healthy work conditions, in order to prevent harm to the health and well-being of everyone involved, as well as preserving the environment.


To become a worldwide phytosanitary treatments company devoted to providing safe, reliable, high-quality services.


To provide answers to the needs of our customers. Taking care of their interests is as important as the treatment of commodities destined for human consumption