Quality Policy Argentina

Social responsibility is the cornerstone of our company culture at Ecotec Fumigation. We are deeply committed to supporting not just our clients but society as a whole, and thus our philosophy is very clear:


  • To meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, as well as those of legal regulations and provisions, in a responsible and professional manner. 
  • To carry out our tasks without compromising the environment or the health & safety of the people involved; constantly training our personnel and everyone associated with our business in how to avoid and/or minimize environmental impact and work-related risk factors. 
  • To promote well-being in the workplace by fostering a culture of mutual respect and appreciation within our staff that extends to our clients, our suppliers, and the environment. 
  • To capitalize on external feedback to continuously improve our services and the effectiveness of our system through an integral management that will allow us to evaluate performance, to establish clear objectives and goals, and to ultimately add value to what we do. 
  • To make our philosophy of quality, safety, and environmental care freely available for everyone.



To become a worldwide phytosanitary treatments company devoted to providing safe, reliable, high-quality services.


To provide answers to the needs of our customers. Taking care of their interests is as important as the treatment of commodities destined for human consumption