Originally established as a fumigation company, Ecotec has successfully diversified into the pest control and agrochemicals sales markets as well.

We have, at present, offices and logistic centers at South America's most important trade hubs and port areas in Argentina, Brazil, Perú and Uruguay. A vast infrastructure, cutting edge equipment, a modern vehicle fleet and a continuously trained workforce position us at an unparalleled level of regional relevance. Yet, we insist on improvement and constantly strive for excellence.

Our deep sense of responsibility and commitment with quality allow us to meet our customers' needs timely, effectively and efficiently. Ecotec is thoroughly committed to providing solutions in the sensitive food industry sector and its naturally complex workflow. From integrated pest management of warehouses and food-processing plants, to interoceanic in-transit fumigation of bulk commodities, Ecotec guarantees a professional service that places our customers' interests as our first priority. Our commitment to quality, well-being preservation and environmental protection is evidenced by our adherence to the most widely used international standards.



To become a worldwide phytosanitary treatments company devoted to providing safe, reliable, high-quality services.


To provide answers to the needs of our customers. Taking care of their interests is as important as the treatment of commodities destined for human consumption.